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Improve efficiency and security through Self Service from anywhere in the world

To complete daily business processes, front-office staff often waits on the availability of the IT department. When a simple request arrives, like producing a report, the response can be delayed because IT is handling other jobs. This puts pressure on the IT staff and can cause frustration for other departments. If the front office had direct access to repeatable processes, it would keep business flowing and free up time for the IT department. Self Service for OpCon is the solution to this problem.

With Self Service, end-users can trigger OpCon processes without having to engage the IT department. All they need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a web browser. To set this up, IT designs custom buttons in Self Service that are connected to automated and secured OpCon processes. Once the buttons are configured, each user has direct access to run their own tasks on demand. Now there is no longer a need for users to learn multiple systems, instead they simply click a button in Self Service.

Reduction in calls to IT
Increased User Satisfaction

Self Service Features and Benefits

  • Web-based, mobile and tablet device ready
  • OS independent
  • Instant OpCon job submission
  • Enhance ERP functionality without base modifications
  • Job completion notification
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Free up IT staff
  • Reduce training requirements and recurring calls to IT
  • Enhance OpCon usability

Creative Customer Solutions Using Self Service

  • Network administrators are resetting Active Directory (AD) credentials quickly, even when away from the office
  • Managers are onboarding new employees easily by creating all required accounts with one click
  • Key personnel are signing off on important processes through a multi-level approval process
  • IT staff are quickly initiating failover and disaster recovery routines to keep the business up and running
  • IT staff is managing virtual servers with simple service requests
  • Purchasing approval cycle added to an ERP system without modifying the application
  • All departments are easily updating values in OpCon for later use in workflows such as inventory or accounting totals

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Self Service Resources

  • Self Service Brochure

    For more information on Self Service: Download

  • OpCon Brochure

    For more information on OpCon: Download

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I can now activate the recovery plan myself using only three clicks in OpCon.
Didier BerardIT ManagerLOHR