Managed Automation

Outsource automation using our experienced consultants to maximize the benefits of OpCon

Companies are in desperate need of automation, but most do not have the people or time to implement it. Managed Automation Services (MAS) is the perfect answer for mas managed automation servicesintegrating OpCon with these sites. SMA Solutions offers MAS to clients as a partnership to continuously support automation. A personal Automation Consultant learns the needs of the business and builds a relationship with the client as a member of the team.

Our experts work to identify and spread an automation fabric over the entire organization. SMA consultants have experience with many applications across all platforms, and we can easily identify the automation opportunities. They also regularly meet with the client to create the best plan for efficiency improvements. SMA Solutions manages all the configuration. We handle the testing and support for improvements, and we handle any OpCon alerts and notifications. Our experts are there to keep automation running smoothly. This results in the business investing a limited amount of time while gaining all the rewards of OpCon.

Automated Processes before MAS
Automated Processes after MAS

MAS Features and Benefits

  • No training required
  • Zero additional staff needed
  • Save time with automated processes
  • Personal OpCon expert from SMA
  • Peace of mind
  • Assistance finding automation opportunities

MAS Resources

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Using OpCon, we can automate any program written in any environment we use. It makes the difficult easy.
Bill ClarkAssociate Vice President of AutomationBessemer Trust