Rewrite the rules of IT, script and programming not required

SMA Solutions has nearly four decades of automation experience and knowledge, which has allowed our engineers to create an impressive portfolio of operating system agents and integrations. From mainframe, through mid-range, to open systems, internet, virtual and cloud, OpCon is well connected. Our major integrations are below, and we are constantly adding more. If you do not see yours listed, contact us to find out more.

OpCon links people, systems and applications into business and technical workflows that are repeatable and completely reliable. OpCon was designed to expand and grow with a business’s automation environment. Administrators can add new environments, replicate workflows across different systems, integrate new business processes and more. By unifying processes across multiple systems, OpCon provides a single point-of-control that spans the entire enterprise. Our customers are able to replace multiple existing job schedulers with OpCon’s all-in-one solution.

  • microsoft automation
  • Infor automation
  • unisys automation
  • vmware automation
  • RESTful automation
  • SAP automation
  • IBM i z automation
  • asysco amt framework automation

Automation Packs

SMA Solutions is now offering Automation Packs, which is a new addition in 2017. An Automation Pack is much more than the ability to connect to something. Automation Packs contain a connector, sample jobs and workflows for common tasks and some contain best practices and monitoring of important events. We are harnessing our expert knowledge of applications and common environments and packaging it together to help accelerate new projects and maximize the ROI for our customers.

Safely Utilize Scripts in OpCon


Admins love scripts and want more of them, but businesses are afraid and want less. How can this duality be solved? The answer is surprisingly easy. Even though admins can exercise a short-term gain with a piece of script, unless it is documented and centrally managed, it is actually contributing to a larger problem. Businesses are wary of script for various reasons, not just because the knowledge is difficult to grasp (which increases the risk involved with scripting). The solution is to put the script into OpCon workflows where they instantly become part of the optimization and are then removed from the risk assessment.

Automation as a Platform

SMA Solutions recognizes that true leaders innovate. Our outstanding R&D team has recently completed and published our external API layer for OpCon, and a developer SDK will be available in the future. This completes the first phrase of our Automation as a Service roadmap.

Although SMA Solutions has the most comprehensive integrations of any enterprise automation product, we still receive requests from our customers to integrate to their custom processes. To make this even easier for users, our APIs allow all configuration and events to be created, modified or processed externally. This is incredibly powerful and enables our services teams to integrate with anything in an instant and build more connected workflows.

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