One solution to master, one solution to implement and one single point-of-control

OpCon is a powerful workload automation solution that drives digital transformation. It allows businesses to automate everything from mundane tasks to complex and high-risk processes. Business and technical workflows across operations, infrastructure, cloud and virtual environments are easily automated with OpCon. It also removes the need for “shadow IT”, hides complexity with self-service technology and enables organizational resilience. By driving workload automation through the enterprise, OpCon improves efficiency, reduces run times, eliminates errors and frees up human resources.

Enterprise Automation is the enabler for digital transformation including modernization through infrastructure, server or business layers. Workload automation turns processes into digital events and workflows simultaneously reducing labor costs, improving quality and enforcing strict governance. OpCon brings order to chaos and discipline to ad-hoc processes. This enables a single view and single point-of-control for processes and events across the entire enterprise.

OpCon Features

  • Automation fabric

    OpCon links people, systems and applications into business and technical workflows that are repeatable and completely reliable. Whether you are calling programs, executing scripts or even performing human actions (Robotic Process Automation), OpCon can bind them all together.

  • Accessible business automation (Self Service)

    The Self Service module makes workload automation available through the click of a button in a responsive, intuitive web browser interface. From executives to customer service and finance, anyone in the business can trigger automation from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Knowledge retention

    By embedding expertise into OpCon, businesses retain knowledge and experience which is hard to document any other way. Our customers realize a significant reduction in the cost of onboarding and training of new and existing employees.

  • Intelligent security and governance

    OpCon has extensive role-based privileges to ensure automation data is secure and any passwords needed to access systems are encrypted. OpCon users can be managed via Active Directory Services (ADS) or OpenLDAP and every user action taken within the OpCon interface is saved in the audit trail. Auditing compliance is further enhanced because OpCon can retrieve task execution logs to the interface, negating the need for remote server login.

  • Lights-out operations

    Business expansion and globalization drives the requirement for 24×7 operations and often requires more staff. With OpCon workload automation, your business can be sure of repeatable perfection across all workflows even when all operations staff are away from the office. Combining estimation and real-time adjustments, OpCon helps the business stay in control and align with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Notification and escalation

    When important steps happen or problems occur, OpCon notifies key personnel immediately. If response is too slow, escalation rules can take over and start notifying more people. OpCon makes it easy to manage exceptions with confidence.

  • Workflow management

    OpCon workflow management includes the ability to tie different technologies together such as cloud, virtualization and IoT. Customers use dependencies to control activity based on any event to gain full control over the entire enterprise workflow.

  • Variable workflows

    By using variables, OpCon can run tasks in many different ways such as against different environments, on multiple machines or many times in one day. When mapping workflows to new environments, this feature alone saves OpCon administrators a great deal of time.

  • Seamless scalability

    OpCon was designed to manage the expansion of a growing business’s automation environment. Administrators take simple steps to add new environments, replicate workflows across systems, and integrate new business processes. With parallel processing across multiple systems, OpCon is proven to handle thousands of workflows per day on a single-server setup and can easily scale to millions of workflows per day in a multi-server configuration.

  • Event-driven workload automation

    Workflows or business processes mapped into OpCon can be triggered by events such as emails, user actions, environmental sensors or system messages. Virtually any action can be considered an event whether it comes from a voice activated source, the IoT, wearable devices, mobile or cloud.

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Our effectiveness, capacity and reputation have improved since the implementation of OpCon. It has definitely enhanced value to the credit union.
Nathan RoysterSenior IT SpecialistCredit Union of Colorado