Collect insights at the speed of data with our predictive analytics solution

Ascern is a unique award-winning predictive analytics solution capable of providing actionable insights for data in motion. It can analyze any transaction from operations or business data streams. When efficiency is needed and expediency is required, managers need to quickly obtain real insights and knowledge to achieve their goals.

ExampleThe number of devices expected to be on the internet by 2020 is around 21 billion according to Gartner Research. All of these devices will produce high volumes of data that will need to be analyzed and not just stored. Our predictive analytics solution can handle massive data volumes with simplicity and ease and scale to any level. It also comes with a truly unique capability to aggregate and filter data with a possible 1,000 to 1 compression ratio. The self-learning and self-configuring nature of Ascern means it will quickly master the daily processes of the business. Ascern learns what is normal and alerts the right personnel about any possible anomalies.

Our predictive analytics software Ascern, is a service based cloud-hosted solution requiring no infrastructure changes or specialized equipment on site. With minimal ongoing administration and overhead, clients are able to focus on all the benefits Ascern has to offer. Ascern is also autonomic, being both self-learning and self-configuring to provide real insights fast. When data is out of the normal range, clients now possess the knowledge to decide on the Next Best Action.

Ascern in Action

Explore Real-World Examples of Ascern in Various Industries

Detected Anomaly

Ascern detects that ATM activity at a location is no longer within expected parameters. The branch manager is notified.

Next Best Action

The branch manager sends someone to check on the machine. Within minutes it is clear that access to the ATM is barred by a broken lock on the door. This is resolved in minutes and normal service is resumed. In different scenarios, an OpCon workflow could be used to reboot the ATM.

Detected Anomaly

Ascern detects abnormally low sales at a specific location and notifies the regional sales manager.

Next Best Action

The local store manager is notified and discovers that road construction is blocking access to the store. They quickly take action with the city to arrange easier access to the store so normal sales can resume.

Detected Anomaly

Ascern is integrated with state-of-the-art fiber optic technology that is common in oil and gas drilling. During real-time data analysis, Ascern detects abnormal noise which is above the threshold and this triggers an alert.

Next Best Action

Security is notified and then proceeds to the location just in time to stop an outside source from tapping into the pipeline. The noise Ascern detected was actually vibrations from truck movement and drilling equipment being positioned near to the pipeline.

Detected Anomaly

Ascern monitors call statistics and reacts to a spike in demand related to a local crisis.

Next Best Action

Workflows in OpCon are triggered to prioritize the use of circuits for outbound calls so long-distance carriers are able to continuously provide service to customers in the affected area.

Detected Anomaly

Ascern detects sustained high memory usage and traffic on a virtual machine hosting a critical web application.

Next Best Action

Trigger SMA Solutions’ OpCon workflow to allocate more memory and simultaneously spin up two more web hosting images in AWS cloud. These additional web servers will alleviate memory problems and provide better load balancing. Systems administrators are notified and once levels return to normal the additional AWS servers will be taken off line to save on costs.

Combining Ascern and OpCon

ATM Usage

*Example gauge, not real data

The more data Ascern obtains, the smarter Ascern becomes.
Ascern is deployed widely in the finance industry and regularly detects fraudulent ATM activity such as rapid card usage, blocked cards and multiple PIN attempts. It is also linked with SMA Solutions Enterprise Automation solution OpCon, so that insights can be related to workflows and result in immediate action. For example, in the event of fraud at an ATM, OpCon immediately alerts the branch manager and temporarily pauses service. This allows the manager to contact security and wait for help while knowing the money is safe. OpCon can manage simple notifications, or complete automatic workflows to respond to a situation. Linking predictive analytics and workload automation results in a powerful combination. Together they have a broad scope through almost all industries linking actionable insights to real world actions.

Ascern Features and Benefits

  • Fast, cloud-based usage model and service based pricing
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Rapid learning of data patterns for quick results
  • Does not use private data
  • Highly secure
  • Strong data protection
  • Monitor any operational or business transactions
  • Next best action integration with OpCon
  • Unique and simple approach to data acquisition
  • Truly unique data filtering and aggregation in a lightweight data collection tool
  • Customized algorithms for data cleansing and manipulation

Ascern Eliminates the Need for

  • Onsite disruption
  • Expensive servers
  • Infrastructure changes
  • Special education or support (e.g. Hadoop)

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From April through December of 2007, we saved 2,001,230 operational keystrokes.
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