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SMA Solutions is a strong technology partner for its customers. We embed our knowledge deeply within our customers’ processes to bring maximum value to every modernization project. Consequently, our customers invariably become friends and strong advocates for automation and OpCon. SMA Solutions has been executing digital transformation long before it acquired that tagline and the hype surrounding it today.

Our automation experts have taken our customer’s challenges and developed OpCon with deep connections to a broad scope of technologies, systems and applications. Over the decades, we have mastered our strategies and skills around modernization and we are actively engaged with our customer’s modernization requirements.

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The industry is inundated with the business value of modernization and it is clear that businesses experience benefits such as:

  • Increased IT productivity
  • Faster delivery of new solutions
  • Reduction in defects and support
  • Reduction in shadow IT
  • Renewed enthusiasm from IT staff
  • More scalable solutions with easier integrations to new technologies
  • Access to a larger pool of open and flexible applications
  • Easier access to younger talent and fresh innovations

Benefits of Modernization

The greatest benefits of modernization are twofold. The first is related to moving from an accidental architecture to one that is specifically designed to support future workloads. The second and possibly more profound benefit is the ability to move from existing manual processes to new automated processes. The resulting improvements in efficiency and reliability empower a business to become more competitive and agile. Automation also drives them towards organizational resilience with the ability to survive disruption.

Modernization with SMA Solutions

SMA Solutions takes a partnership approach to modernization projects with customers. Our automation experts work with the customer to embed automation and preserve the business rules and key strategic processes. We then begin automating new processes to reduce reliance on expert knowledge. SMA also provides an automation review during which we advise on process improvements and automation strategies. Taking this enterprise view provides the customer with solid plans for business continuity and growth potential.

Using embedded automation, the training, education, trial runs and migration strategies can all be verified before “go live”. When the business is ready, there is a fully automated, tried and tested process which simplifies the whole process. Also, the business is protected because all of those processes that were automated at the beginning can simply be mapped over to the new architecture.

Modernization projects are complex, but with the right help and good automation they can be successful without taking a toll on human resources. SMA Solutions has the best workload automation product for any modernization project and the expertise to help ensure success.

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