Principality Building Society Modernizes Bimodal Processing with OpCon

Challenges Principality Building Society is the 6th largest building society in the UK with more than 150 years of expertise. With 500,000 members and 70 branches and agencies in Wales, fragmented and siloed IT systems seemed unavoidable. This created many pain points for the organization, including: Scheduling software that couldn’t support newer systems being brought into the environment A manual, …

Open Technology Solutions

Open Technology Solutions (OTS) is a credit union service organization (CUSO) providing technology support for three owner credit unions, serving more than 852,000 members with over $14.5 billion in assets.

VyStar Credit Union Automates Disaster Recovery with OpCon

VyStar Credit Union is a Florida-based financial institution in Jacksonville with more than 515,000 members and $ 6.1 billion in assets. With OpCon, VyStar Credit Union has completely eliminated the risk of human error during disaster recovery processes.

Camaïeu Realizes True Agility with OpCon

Camaïeu is a women’s clothing company that manufactures and sells its own collections in over 1,000 stores worldwide. With OpCon, Camaïeu is realizing the speed and agility that the company was founded on in 1984.

Digital Federal Credit Union Improves Member Services with Ascern

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) is headquartered in Marlborough, MA, and serves 623,000 members with more than $8B in assets. The organization struggled with old software that hampered both the Information Services department and the level of customer support the credit union could provide its members.

TruWest Credit Union Cut Costs and Increased Service with OpCon

TruWest is a Scottsdale, Arizona based credit union with branches across Arizona and Texas. Most tasks were done manually by 3 staff members and acquire an automation solution was becoming crucial. Utilizing OpCon, TruWest automated fifty percent of all processes. OpCon saves the company 18 man-hours per day which can be allocated to more profitable tasks.

European Financial Institution Reduces Cost and Complexity with OpCon

European insurer with €3.5 billion in revenue and more than 3,000 employees, Europe Financial Institution needed to modernize its scheduler, working with over 22,000 processes per day. After the migration was complete, EFI had reduced the number of processes required to automate IT operations by 80 percent and manage across-platform every process from a single point-of-control.

Frandsen Bank & Trust Improving Risk Management and Reducing Expenses

Frandsen Bank & Trust is a line of community banks that provides banking, insurance, investment and wealth management. The large number of workflows became unmanageable over time and the implementation of OpCon had a dramatic positiv impact on both efficiency and accuracy.

Conversions for One of Forbes Top 100 World’s Largest Companies

One of the world’s largest insurances compagnies according to Forbes, serving 65 million customers and operating in more than 100 countries asked SMA solutions to replace its two schedulers. OpCon reduced the TCO by 50 percent, automated all platforms and applications from one point-of-control, enable all users to be experts.

CoVantage Manages by Exception with OpCon

Before installing OpCon, a CoVantage staff member had to constantly monitor the IT phone and inbox to ensure that irregular processes were completed. Since adopting OpCon in early 2013, CoVantage has been able to automate virtually all of its IT operations.