SMA Solu­tions: Tale of a New Brand

Since SMA’s founding in 1980, we’ve worked continually to refine and perfect our technology and team. An organization’s logo is intended to serve as a visual representation of who they are and what they do; SMA’s original logo no longer reflected the mission, evolution and growth of the company it represented. We didn’t just grow in terms of economic stability; we also evolved in terms of perspectives and insights. That’s why the decision was made to craft a logo that represented the organization of 2013 and well into the future. On July 17 Mr. Taylor unveiled the new SMA Solutions™ logo displayed at corporate headquarters in Houston Texas to his global team.

“Our new brand identity reflects the image that we want to present to our global audience and I’m confident that our new SMA Solutions brand will not only create recognition in the market but it will also instill a feeling of value and trust to all key stakeholders.”, says Michael Taylor, SMA’s Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, SMA’s dynamic new website went live on July 12th and has received accolades from visitors within and outside of the organization. The website is intended to remain a work in progress and will be enhanced and updated regularly.

2013 continues to be a landmark year for the entire SMA organization, and the changes to our corporate brand identity and website have served to fortify our singular mission: to develop and deliver cutting edge, enterprise wide automation solutions that support our customers and strengthen their businesses.