HOUSTON, TEXAS, December 18, 2018SMA Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release of its business and IT automation platform, OpCon. OpCon is a workload automation solution that drives digital transformation for enterprises in numerous industries. It is the premiere IT process automation software, integrating people, processes and applications on every major operating system.

The OpCon 18.3 release, which is the second and final release this year, has exciting new features that enhance security, flexibility and operational efficiency. The release includes significant improvements to OpCon Vision, which was launched with OpCon’s 18.1 release in July 2018. Vision provides business process views and Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. The active dashboard shows a high-level summary of the platform, revealing the health of automated processes. If SLAs are in jeopardy, Vision instructs OpCon to automatically run recovery processes to put the business back on track.

The 18.3 release also features an all-new module, OpCon Deploy, which gives users the ability to import workflows from any OpCon environment, apply transformation rules, simulate the changes, then deploy selected versions of workflows to one or more OpCon servers. Deploy also provides versioning control that allows the user to roll back changes and virtually eliminate the risk of losing automation data.

With Version 18.3 OpCon now features embedded scripts, which tighten security by enabling users to grant and revoke access to individual script objects. Users can also now update job statuses from PERT view and troubleshoot more easily thanks to progressive discovery of dependencies. Progressive discovery allows the user to zoom in on a specific point in a workflow diagram, then incrementally expand where needed. 18.3 also brings new events and keywords that greatly reduce manual coding when setting up automation.

About SMA Solutions
Our founders met at NASA while they were solving some of the toughest IT issues in the world at that time. The work was challenging and required lots of repetitive tasks to maintain NASA’s mainframes and complex IT processes. Believing that there had to be a better way, they formed SMA Solutions. Since that time, we have been working with the single purpose of unlocking our clients’ potential by streamlining their IT processes and helping employees be more productive by leveraging our automation platform, OpCon. To learn more about OpCon automation visit us at www.SMAsolutionsIT.com

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