With Deploy, you can import workflows (schedules) from any OpCon environment, apply transformation rules, simulate the changes, and then deploy selected versions of workflows to one or more OpCon servers. The deployment process checks each workflow to make sure the destination workflows have not changed since the previous deployment. This ensures that any manual changes made in the destination environment are not overwritten. And thanks to the versioning in OpCon Deploy, you can always roll back changes and eliminate the risk of losing automation data.

Key Fea­tures

  • Transformation rules enable you to match target environments
  • Simulated deployments allow you to
  • Batch deployment (can be scheduled through an OpCon job)
  • Easily manage versions of schedules and roll back when needed

Ben­e­fits to Your Business

  • Minimize outages resulting from changes
  • Safely deliver more production updates on time
  • Make changes without interrupting business
  • Reduce cost and complexity while improving efficiency
  • Add a critical piece to your DevOps tool chain

Make Changes With­out Worry

Change is the only constant. If your business is thriving, it’s because you’re always updating and improving. With OpCon Deploy, you’ll never have to worry about something going wrong during your critical updates.

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