LzLabs, in conjunction with Gartner, Microsoft, Fujitsu and SMA Solutions, invites you to a seminar on the Software Defined Mainframe at the St James Sofitel Hotel on Thursday 19th January, 2017.

The summit, which will comprise a full day of presentations and technical seminars, will explore how the demographic pressures and price vs. performance ratio of traditional hardware mainframes have ushered in a new era of legacy workload modernization. Advances in technology such as containerization and instruction set architecture translation, alongside the inexorable pressure of Moores law, have finally made it possible for legacy applications to be liberated from the clutches of expensive and outdated legacy hardware mainframe architectures.

This new era has the potential to restore the systems of record of the world’s largest companies to the mainstream of innovation while reducing the operating costs of these critical applications by an order of magnitude.

We hope you are available to hear from some of the world’s leading technology vendors about how they are participating in and contributing to this revolution.

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