OpCon brings flexibility and agility to Telcos

Analysts are predicting strong disruption for all industries, especially within telecommunications in the years ahead. Telecommunications are already faced with great challenges from both internal and external forces.

In order to innovate faster and keep pace with new players telcos need to defend their legacy market positions and enable rapid introduction of new technologies. Businesses will only achieve this if they overhaul their siloed organizational structures to allow for more flexibility and agility. Implementing OpCon will not only improve these structures but it will bring more flexibility to the business and staff.

Back-office IT, the mobile workforce and front office services are all strategic areas where workload automation brings huge benefits. These benefits can be recognized in terms of cost optimization, continuous delivery of application changes, access to business and IT workflows and integration, and more. Self Service for OpCon makes workflows accessible to all business units not just IT, while retaining complete control over critical operations.

As the shift from telecommunications provision to content provision gains momentum, it is clear more disruption is ahead, but with that brings exciting opportunities. Mobile and the IoT will carry their own challenges in terms of volume of data, and management of a large number of devices. Skynet (Space, balloon or drone) communications will also drive uncertainty but reward the more agile companies. Implementing our leading-edge workload automation technology will provide telcos with a competitive advantage by increasing agility, flexibility and reducing overall costs.

Ascern gives telcos business and technical analytics in real-time

SMA Solutions’ award-winning cloud based real-time data analysis solution Ascern is perfectly placed to help telcos derive insight from data and detect anomalies. With no infrastructure changes, no upfront investment in hardware and a cloud based design, Ascern will help find critical insights that drive optimization, knowledge and better customer service. Implementing our predictive analytics solution will allow any data including customer metrics, network or system related data to be mined in real-time.

Robotic Process Automation

Even in the fast-paced IT sector, the rise of RPA has been phenomenal. Businesses are able to see the opportunity and technology providers have been quick to spot that demand. There are already high-profile cases where surface level automation has replaced humans (in call centers, for example). Whenever humans are performing repetitive computer-based actions, such as emails, spreadsheets, web or client applications and emulations, there is potential to automate this with software robotics or surface automation.

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I can now activate the recovery plan myself using only three clicks in OpCon.
Didier BerardIT ManagerLOHR