Workload automation brings order to IT infrastructures for retail clients

Retail organizations thrive on data, with potentially millions of online customers, thousands of SKUs and mountains of EPOS information. Additionally, investments in social media, marketing and in understanding customer buying patterns has improved customer loyalty and created a competitive advantage. The technology required to support this change often evolves into an accidental architecture managed by a small team. They are left to run daily operations, day end routines, backups, reporting, disaster recovery planning and much more. Implementing a planned workload automation solution with OpCon simplifies the architecture and reduces the overall workload for the team.

Benefits of Implementing OpCon Within Retail

  • Automatically deliver daily reports
  • Centralize workload automation to a single point-of-control
  • Streamline workflows with event-driven processing
  • Simplify the onboarding process for new staff
  • Shorten disaster recovery time
  • Reduce manual processing
  • Schedule automatic backups

OpCon Resources

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One multinational customer with over 500 stores across Europe implemented OpCon with great success. This car repair, accessory and parts specialist configured workflows to manage data analysis and reporting at each store. Stores upload the data to a central site for each store’s country at the end of each day. At these central sites, OpCon processes all the incoming daily batches, enabling country-level reporting. OpCon also manages logistics and parts ordering, keeping stores ready to provide common repairs by preloading orders based on vehicle makes and models.

The customer has an OpCon workflow that loads and configures new servers in less than 10 minutes. When a new store is commissioned, the IT staff runs the workflow and send the new server to the store. When it arrives, the store staff simply needs to plug in the server and turn it on. This process makes it easy for the customer to expand their business and ensure consistency across all stores.

OpCon workflows are extremely powerful and this example demonstrates the ROI potential that comes from automating common, repeatable events and IT workflows.

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I can’t think of something OpCon can’t do that we need. OpCon handled everything we threw at it, even things we didn’t think of initially. It helps us make each client feel like it’s the only client we have.
Tim GilmanAssistant Vice PresidentSynergent