Manufacturing companies streamline ERP processing with OpCon

Automation in manufacturing can be complex. The interconnected applications provide core functions such as sales order processing, warehousing and distribution. Compounding this situation, many mainstream ERP applications have dozens of modules working through different platforms. This often results in an accidental architecture that is difficult to manage. OpCon is the solution to unify the manufacturing environment through any single point-of-control.

Customers of large ERP systems face high costs for customization at the initial implementation and when upgrades are due. Enterprise workload automation can help manage both. Using repeatable automatic workflows to test each customization enables changes to quickly roll into production.

OpCon also makes it easy to create strategic workflows that help clients avoid the need for new development. Using these techniques, our customers lower overall costs and increase the value their business gains from an ERP system.

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OpCon provides the automation fabric to connect modern and legacy systems

Imagine seamlessly linking activities across any application through dependencies and processing rules. OpCon links people, systems and applications into business workflows that are repeatable and completely reliable. Whether calling programs, executing scripts or even performing human actions (Robotic Process Automation), OpCon can bind them all together. With no programming needed, integrate the back office, warehouse, distribution center, suppliers and much more.
A leading electronics, engine and equipment manufacturing company has installed more than one million new devices inside their production lines. The knowledge from these devices enables proactive maintenance rather than traditional parts replacement cycles. The program has reduced costs and increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) providing a huge benefit for large diesel and aircraft engines. The internet of things (IoT) is full of similar devices that are changing how traditional businesses operate. OpCon is IoT-friendly and capable of providing an automation fabric that connects all of these devices to traditional systems

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We continually meet SLA targets despite the fact that we have more transactions than ever going through our systems.
Mark RoshierSenior Support AnalystNationwide Building Society