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In 2016, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded that many of U.S. federal agencies have a need to address aging legacy systems in their various IT departments. This conclusion was made after looking at increasing operations and maintenance (O&M) investments from seven years prior, which left a fiscal resulted in a $7.3 billion decline from fiscal years in development, modernization, and enhancement activities. The study identified numerous O&M investments that the GAO considered medium to high-risk. For example, the Department of Defense uses 8-inch floppy disks in a legacy system that coordinates the operational functions of the nation’s nuclear forces. For government agencies facing these types aging legacy issues and overwhelming O&M expenditures, SMA Solutions and OpCon can provide help through one of two paths, optimizing legacy systems with workload automation or automating the modernization project and future environment.

Reduce Federal Enterprise O&M Costs and Risks by Implementing OpCon

With very specific process requirements, numerous legacy dependency systems and resource restraints, replacing entire systems might not be immediately feasible for some agencies. Luckily, our workload automation solution OpCon brings true, event-driven automation to every major legacy operating system and application. Bringing automation to out-of-date processes increase their reliability, reduces necessary resources, and eliminates the risk of lost legacy knowledge. OpCon centralizes all workloads under a single point-of-control.

Make Modernization Successful Through our Workload Automation Solution, OpCon

Adding workload automation to a modernization project reduces the time, risk and resources required. The result is an agency that is able to move from an accidental architecture to one that is specifically designed to support future workloads. Additionally, it allows an agency to move from existing manual processes to new automated ones. The improvements in efficiency and reliability empower an agency to become more reliable and agile.

Modernizing to Microsoft

At the Dutch transportation authority, OpCon was made the migration of two Unisys mainframes to Microsoft servers a simple, secure project. The step-by-step migration resulted in no business changes, minimal downtime and the successful transfer of thousands of screen and batch applications. Read more by downloading the success story.

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