The financial industry can finally experience true workload automation with OpCon

As technology has advanced, the financial industry has needed to rapidly adapt to maintain its customers. OpCon workload automation is helping financial institutions accelerate their technology transformation. Currently, SMA Solutions serves hundreds of  financial institutions around the world.

OpCon increases operational efficiency and reduces manual processing errors. This is achieved by automating multiple time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as credit and debit transaction processing, End of Day and Draft Processing. OpCon shortens daily “run sheets” from multiple pages to less than one, rapidly increases daily job runs by thousands and eliminates millions of keystrokes annually.

OpCon automates across all commercially available core systems, ERP systems, applications and operating systems. OpCon users are achieving results they never dreamed possible.

See how our customers describe OpCon:


Batch Transactions
Manual DR Processing
  • Corelation partner automation
  • Jack Henry automation silverlake partner
  • symitar episys automation partner
  • FICS automation
  • Fiserv automation xp2 premier
  • FIS automation

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Learn more about Ascern

With predictive analytics, financial institutions have real-time information to make businesses more efficient.

Ascern is a unique predictive analytics solution that is capable of providing actionable insights for all transactional processing in financial institutions. For example, it provides information to assist with planning for cash distribution, personnel schedules, service outages, and response to fraud detection at ATMs and branches. Ascern accomplishes this by learning the normal range for any data stream, making it constantly fine-tuned for each specific environment.

Ascern users can

  • Replace multiple software packages

  • Monitor activity in real-time to identify anomalies

  • Identify problems before they become critical

With deployments in US-based credit unions, Ascern is performing real-time monitoring, management and goal-tracking at the branch, teller and member levels. As a result, staff rosters are optimized around activity, and performance is monitored against sales targets and across campaigns. When anomalies are detected at ATMs, Ascern automatically alerts branch managers within a few minutes of the event.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your financial institution with workload automation and predictive analytics.

The beautiful thing about OpCon is that it can automate everything. We couldn’t do that with our previous product.
Lori HernandezDirector of Information Services1st United Credit Union