Happy 50th birthday to the ATM

The first ATM opened for business on June 27, 1967 at a Barclay’s Bank branch in Enfield, North London. This machine was the first of six cash dispensers commissioned by Barclay’s Bank. John Shepherd-Barron, a Scotsman was credited with inventing the automated teller machine in the 1960s, although inventors from across the globe were working simultaneously to produce a viable …

Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH – Automation to the Rescue

The second phase of implementation will occur in September of 2017 and will enable same-day settlement of debits. Are you ready?

Find out how automation can help you get there.

Same Day ACH is Almost Here

Things today move faster than ever before, so it’s no surprise that NACHA is changing the way ACH processing is handled. As of Sept. 23, financial institutions will be required to adhere to a new set of rules regarding ACH processing, known as the “Same Day ACH” rule. Many financial institutions still download and process ACH manually every morning. With …

Frandsen Financial chooses OpCon

Frandsen Financial, a bank located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, was having difficulties keeping up with processing ACH payments, with bank employees spending almost two hours each day manually entering large batches of files. According to Dave Buggeln, director of information systems at Frandsen Financial, the process was slow and “prone to error”. In an effort to keep up with the …