Announcing: Advanced Training Courses

SMA Solutions is proud to announce our brand new Advanced OpCon Training courses! We’ve had numerous requests for an upper-level training course that dives a little deeper into things like multi-instance options, multi-instance schedules and jobs, tokens, OpCon expressions, the OpCon API and more. There are two sessions left in 2018: Classes run Tuesday through Thursday at our new Houston …

The Sheer Pleasure of Automation

Paul Wade: According to Gartner there is a strong trend towards jobs that contain the word automation as in Automation Manager, Head of Automation and so on. Personally, I think this reflects not only the rise of automation but the passion that it invokes.

Using KPIs to Improve Automation Adoption

Why then does automation itself not have KPIs? Typically, companies that purchase products for building business and IT workflows have some important processes in mind that they wish to automate – perhaps a runbook or a frequent service request.

Still Using Paper-Based Checklists?

Checking a list item by item ensures that all steps and processes are completed, and in the right order. While checklists are effective, they do tend to take up valuable time because of the manual processes.

Looking ahead to a bigger 2018

2018 will be an exciting year for SMA Solutions. Many things are changing, thanks to growth in our customer base and our new team members. As SMA changes, it will open new doors and opportunities for our team.

WannaCry Ransomware – Staying Up To Date With WSUS & Automation

This week’s WannaCry ransomware attacks have, again, made it painfully obvious how important software updates are to organizations. There’s an obvious answer, “STAY UPDATED”. It’s never that simple though. WSUS can help; automating WSUS can help even more. I’m going to get into what WSUS is and how automating it can help, but let’s first take a look at what’s been happening around the world and why…

Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH – Automation to the Rescue

The second phase of implementation will occur in September of 2017 and will enable same-day settlement of debits. Are you ready?

Find out how automation can help you get there.

Welcome to!

SMA Solutions is pleased to welcome you to our brand new website,! We have worked very hard on this project and are excited to finally share the end results with you all. As you make your way around the website, there are a few pages we think you may want to bookmark: Resources Support Contact Us Please note that …