Microsoft Dynamics 365 launch with SMA Solutions

From March 7 to April 27, meet Microsoft and its partners for the launch of Dynamics 365: A suite of CRM and ERP applications that work together in the cloud

Emerging technologies (connected objects, artificial intelligence, bot, etc.) combined with new uses (social networks, mobility, etc.) will transform the expectations and behaviors of customers and collaborators. These new trends are driving organizations to rethink their processes and business models. To help you prepare for this next wave of digital transformation, SMA Solutions and Microsoft will present the new business application offering in the Dynamics 365 cloud, combining CRM and ERP. The dates for this event are listed below:

  • March 7 in Lyon
  • March 28 in Nantes
  • April 27 in Aix en Provence

Click here for more information and to register.

Our OpCon solution is a powerful workload automation solution that drives digital transformation and allows you to optimize your operations, improve the customer experience and provide your employees with more agility and mobility. Find out how OpCon automates and monitors Dynamics processes and ensures Dynamics interoperability with all other enterprise applications.

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