CU Today discusses Ascern

SMA Solutions, a provider of IT automation and business analysis tools for data centers, has announced the general availability of its Ascern analytics tool.

From CU Today regarding SMA Solution’s recent Ascern announcement:

“In keeping with the spirit of the company’s flagship OpCon IT automation product, Ascern is one tool that can do the work of many, monitoring virtually any system or process in real time,” the company said. “Because it clearly identifies any anomalies, Ascern allows a credit union to focus only on those areas that require attention. From monitoring cash levels in ATMs to identifying which branches and employees are the top performers, Ascern provides an unprecedented view into any credit union’s operations.”

“Rather than force a credit union to develop complex business rules against which to monitor, Ascern simply learns what’s ‘normal’ for the institution,” said SMA Solutions CTO Todd Dauchy in a released statement. “We load transaction history as part of the deployment, so Ascern is providing actionable business intelligence from day one. And since Ascern pulls real-time data in 15-minute increments, you’re assured that you always have the latest information.”

Ascern is available as a cloud-based solution.

You can find the article here.