About SMA Solutions

Our Heritage


About SMA Solutions

SMA Solutions is a privately-owned company based in Houston, Texas. Since our inception in 1980, SMA Solutions has expanded to include eight offices, multiple business partners and customers worldwide.

SMA Solutions was founded by a team of forward-thinking automation experts at NASA where we initially captured the attention of IT managers around the world with the release of our first automation solution, ‘The Scheduler’, which ran on mainframes. As the IT industry evolved, we continued to lead the way with the introduction of OpCon, the world’s first Windows-based, enterprise-wide automation solution that now supports every known operating system, application, platform and ERP system. OpCon supports more than 600 customers in 24 countries, both in the private and public sectors.

We work every day to continue to improve our workload automation solution, OpCon, and assist our customers with integrating and modernizing their organizations.

SMA Solutions believes that businesses should embrace digital transformation, including modernization and being bimodal. Bimodal businesses work to improve well-understood, predictable areas of their business and to solve new problems before they arise.

To align ourselves with that position, SMA Solutions now offers a cutting-edge predictive analytics solution, Ascern. Ascern is a highly flexible solution that can monitor virtually any data stream. It’s also data-agnostic, so it learns what’s normal for each stream and can alert administrators before anything abnormal happens.

We believe that our solutions should adapt to your business, not the other way around. We are in constant collaboration with our customers to ensure that our products and services are on target with our customer’s ever-changing business challenges and priorities.

Our Philosophy

SMA Solutions invests in our customers’ success by providing innovative automation tools that integrate and enhance operational efficiencies throughout their businesses.

At SMA Solutions, we are passionate about collaborating with our customers to provide the most effective automation solution available. We aim to increase efficiency while reducing costs and saving time, allowing users to smoothly manage unique IT environments.

  • Customer Driven 

    Over 95% of OpCon’s new features are the direct result of customer-driven requests. From the smallest suggestions to the largest demands, we are constantly inspired by the relationships we develop and we always encourage feedback and suggestions. Our customers truly are the only stakeholders we answer to.

  • Striving for Excellence

    Everything we do at SMA Solutions is rooted in striving for excellence. From building strong and robust solutions to hiring those best suited to serve our clients, we are committed to doing the right thing in every aspect of our business. We take great pride in our reputation as one of the foremost providers of leading edge IT automation technology – a reputation earned one customer at a time.

  • Innovation

    Our focus is on evolving our automation technology to meet business challenges in today’s constantly changing environments. We explore ideas from inside and outside the company and we continually look for new ways to advance our technology. Our continued investment is to design custom automation specific to your needs and we are proud of OpCon’s strength as a single solution for your entire enterprise.

  • Integrity at its Finest

    Honesty and integrity are paramount at SMA Solutions. The foundation of our business has been to always operate in a respectful and ethical way. We foster trust by saying what we mean, taking responsibility for our actions and creating honest relationships with our customers, partners and each other.

  • Global Vision

    Our global vision enables us to provide personal support to our customers in their native languages around the world. We greatly value diversity and respect all cultures. Our intuitive graphical interface is available in many languages and we pay particular attention to each region in terms of technology and compliance. Our executive staff frequently travels to meet customers around the world and personally discuss their business needs and expectations.