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Real-Time ITOA & AIOps

With Ascern

AI Built-In

The self-learning nature of Ascern means it will know what is normal and will alert the right personnel about any anomalies.

Big Data Ready

Ascern's analytics engine has the truly unique capability to aggregate and filter data with a possible 1,000 to 1 compression ratio.


Ascern is cloud-based; bringing flexible usage, pricing and configuration with strong data protection and security.

Tableau Dashboard

Ascern brings the Tableau reporting and monitoring features you know to its powerful analytics engine.



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SMA Solutions delivers leading-edge enterprise-wide automation & analytics solutions to businesses and government entities.

OpCon workload automation

OpCon is a cross-platform and cross-application IT solution that integrates and automates your entire business from a single point-of-control.

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Ascern predictive analytics

Ascern is a predictive analytic solution that can monitor virtually any operational activity in real time.

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From April through December of 2007, we saved 2,001,230 operational keystrokes.
Joe CastroSchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Michael Taylor CEO SMA Solutions

“Our customers are the only stakeholders that we answer to and our singular focus is to solve their problems. We take great pride in the fact that we offer our valued customers 24/7/365 access to our team.”

Michael W. Taylor
CEO, SMA Solutions

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